About us

The Ramnoa team was founded in 1979 and is one of the first companies in the country as well as a leading company when it comes to recycling and waste management.


Ramnoa Municipal Services holds a vast fleet of vehicles of different shapes and sizes and hundreds of containers and compactors. The company specializes in disposing all types of waste. The company uses appropriate collection equipment, such as cages, dedicated compactors, presses and bins, through which all the waste is collected for recycling from hundreds of its costumers countrywide. 


Ramnoa Organic Industries is an international company and world leader in organic waste management that uses advanced processing technology. The company produces and markets manure pellets, processed poultry manure and organic biological agricultural products.

The company has all of the permits and licenses required to carry out their work, including, ISO9001:2088, a license for gathering, transporting and sorting of waste, licenses leads, toxic disposal permit, collecting packaging waste contractor permit,

permit to produce and market processed poultry manure, as well as a permit to market resources for organic farming.